Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program (AMAP)

AMAP is 4 weeks programme that teaches you how you can launch affiliate marketing business from scratch and make your first $200 in 2months.

It teaches a newbie how to grow from zero to pro level and simplifies affiliate marketing showing you the path to building a stable income as an affiliate.

Course Price: $50
Course Instructor: Caleb Nwanneka
AMAP program
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Amazon KDP Income Generator Course

 Amazon KDP Income Generator Course will teach you a tested & proven way to earn from $1k – $10k a month writing or creating & publishing helpful books on Amazon KDP.

It teaches a newbie how to grow their amazon KDP account from $0 to $1k in 2months and maintain a constant stream of income.

Course price: $25

Course Instructor: Adediran Adekunle 
amazon kdp infotechwealth
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Complete Forex Trading Mastery Course

The Complete Forex Trading Mastery Course: This course ensures you master Forex trading. 
From basics to advanced strategies, gain skills for successful trading. Learn today, trade tomorrow. 

Unlock financial freedom and take control of your future by enrolling in our Complete Forex Trading Course today!

Course price: $67

Course Instructor: Frank Egon
forex trading course
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